About WellSpring

WellSpring is a resource developed by Dr. Rebecca Letterman, for people interested in the Formative Spirituality of Adrian van Kaam.

Rebecca studied with van Kaam at the Epiphany Academy of Formative Spirituality in Pittsburgh, PA, and currently serves as the Associate Professor of Spiritual Formation at Northeastern Seminary in Rochester, NY.

The site is meant both to present van Kaam’s ideas to others, and to explore everyday life from a Formative Spirituality perspective.


About Rebecca

Rebecca lives and works with her family in Rochester, New York. She is active in her local church (Community of the Savior Free Methodist Church). In addition to her everyday work at the seminary, she occasionally serves as a conference speaker, retreat leader, and guest speaker for churches and other organizations (both religious and non-religious).

Rebecca grew up in a religiously Christian home, survived youth as “a pastor’s kid,” and was blessed to be aware from about the age of eight that God was offering her life beyond herself. She was ordained in the Pentecostal tradition at Covenant Church of Pittsburgh – an urban church in Pittsburgh whose strengths in ministry are in interracial and gender reconciliation and the integration of creative arts in communal worship.

She attended and graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College, Syracuse University, Cornell University, the Epiphany Academy of Formative Spirituality, and Northeastern Seminary (in that order). These days, she does all she can to put all those years to study to the service of others.

She enjoys reading (texts in spirituality, early church history, theology, environmental care, poetry) and taking walks with her husband – and their dog Jennie-Fur. A well-crafted film – or a healthy, delicious meal – can make her swoon.